2018 Bike Shop Day is on December 1st

3rd Annual Bike Shop Day 12/7/19

Bike Shop Day is about inclusiveness, a healthy lifestyle and sustainable local business practices. Check back for BSD3 reg.

Bike Shop Day is about promoting inclusion in the Cycling Industry

12/2/18 UPDATE: Well, its the first day after BSD2 and we are already planning for BSD3 (save the date 12/3/18). Much more to follow!

Joe, 718 Cyclery

Bike Shop Day serves to connect the independent bike shop and our community as a beacon of inclusiveness, a healthy lifestyle and sustainable local business practices.

For this year's event (12/1/18), we are asking all participating shops and vendors to submit a proposal for an event or thoughts that serves to welcome people who are underrepresented in the cycling industry.

“We had a much larger than anticipated platform when we launched Bike Shop Day in December 2017”, says 718 Cyclery Owner Joe Nocella.  “After the event, we decided that perhaps we can use this platform to help move the needle in the direction of diversity and inclusion in the cycling Industry”.

Bike Shops and Vendors from around the world who would like to participate are  encouraged to fill out the 2 minute form at below.Registration is free, and all Shops and Vendors will be listed on the website. All participating shops get a free  access to logo artwork to market further. 

313 Participating Bike Shops, 46 States + 7 Countries

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